Services provided by Alzheimers Manawatu include:

  • Dementia Advisors
  • Monthly Carer Support Groups
  • Home visits and assessments
  • Advocacy
  • Social activities including an art group and library
  • MKC (Marion Kennedy Centre) Clubs providing social groups for people with dementia and respite for carers
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • WanderSearch Tracking System (see below)

Please contact us for more information on any of the above services.

WanderSearch Tracking System

What is it?

The WanderSearch tracking system is used by Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) with NZ Police to search for people living with conditions that cause the ability of the person to find their way home be impaired, for example, people living with dementia, autism or a memory impairment.

This is a not for profit service that is supported by volunteers who contribute to the ability of being able to provide this service.

How does it work?
The system is comprised of a pendant which is worn like a necklace by the person who is at risk of becoming lost. The pendant emits a pulse using a specific frequency which is detected using a Radio Tracking Unit and a Directional Finding Aerial. The pulse strengthens as the tracking unity approaches the pendant.

The equipment and use:

  • The equipment is owned by Alzheimers Manawatu.
  • Manawatu Police and LandSAR hold the Radio Tracking Units and the Directional Finding Aerials. They are responsible for taking the alert of a person missing and coordinating LandSAR for searches.
  • The pendants are worn by the person at risk, they only need to be removed for swimming or flying. Otherwise they are worn constantly.
  • The batteries are changed at 5-6 monthly intervals. At the time of the battery needing changing you will be issued with a new pendant.

How much do they cost?
The only cost involved for those needing the pendants is $10 per month to cover the cost of changing the battery.

Can the pendant be purchased?
Yes. People or facilities may choose to purchase a pendant. You can discuss this with us – the processes will continue to be managed on the owners behalf, i.e. the information that is needed and battery changes in order for a efficient and safe management.

How do I know if it’s working?
LandSAR make regular check of pendants that are in the community and if there is an issue they will contact you.

What happens if I lose the pendant?
Contact the number on the call out sheet you are provided with, if you do not have this call 0800 004 001 and report the pendant missing as soon as possible. A search for the pendant will be arranged. The radio frequency is continuous so the equipment will pick the signal up.

What are the benefits?
If you are looking after a person who is regularly wandering from their place of residence or is known to wander off and become lost, WanderSearch will give you some peace of mind and reduce some of the stress that goes with caring for people at risk.

How do I get one?
Please contact us. There is a process to work through and they will provide you with this information. Take a look at the WanderSearch website for more information.