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Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care Post Cover Image

What is the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care?

Many people in New Zealand have been asking for an independent Inquiry into the abuse and neglect of children, young people and vulnerable adults in State or faith-based care.

The Inquiry wants to hear from people who were abused while in care to tell them what happened.

What will the Inquiry do with the information?

The Inquiry wants to understand:

  • why people were taken into care
  • what abuse happened
  • why the abuse happened
  • what impact the abuse has had on the person and their family/ whānau.

The Inquiry is collecting information about what happened to people because it does not want it to happen again.

What kind of abuse can people tell the Inquiry about?

You and or your family member can tell us about:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Neglect

Neglect includes cultural, educational, spiritual and medical neglect.

The abuse and neglect may have happened in:

  • any institution, disability service, or in respite care
  • mental health care or psychiatric care
  • a children’s home, foster care or adoption service
  • a school, boarding school, or early childhood centre
  • a youth justice facility, a health camp, in police cells, court cells or police custody.

Or it could have been abuse by someone in a religious group or faith, for example a church.

There are many situations that are not listed here. Please contact the Inquiry if you are not sure if the Inquiry is right for you.

I saw abuse happen. Am I able to tell the Inquiry what happened?

Yes. The Inquiry would welcome you or someone close to you telling them what happened.  The Inquiry can provide help and support for you to tell them what happened.

What options are there to tell share an experience of abuse in care?

Ways people can tell the Inquiry what happened include:

  • a private and confidential session with a Commissioner
  • writing down your experience
  • telling what happened at a public hearing.

You can choose how and where you let the Inquiry know what happened.

You can even stay home and have a private talk with the Inquiry.

To learn more about what you can do, please contact the Inquiry.

What kind of support can the Inquiry offer?

The Inquiry knows that remembering abuse can be very distressing.  The Inquiry can pay for short-term help depending on each individual’s needs. This may include counselling, literacy support or other disability support.

You can choose how much or how little you tell the Inquiry. It is up to you.

How can I contact the Inquiry or find out more information?

Phone 0800 222 727 Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm
Email contact@abuseincare.org.nz
Write to PO Box 10071, The Terrace, Wellington 6011
Look at the website www.abuseincare.org.nz for more information

Follow the Inquiry on Facebook 

Alternatively, you can contact:

Sue Hobbs, Senior Disability  Engagement Advisor
sue.hobbs@abuseincare.org.nz or phone 027 246 7723