Dementia numbers are growing rapidly, and the government has no plan to deal with it.

Without some kind of a plan backed by government, many thousands of us will suffer needlessly from dementia and our economy will take a hit of $5 billion a year.

So, the dementia sector has written the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan – to help all of us who will be affected by dementia to live as well as possible.

But we need government to action the plan, to make it happen. And that’s where we need your help.

We have some tools below to make it easy for everyone to get involved.

Let’s do all we can to improve life for those living with dementia.

Resources and information:

  • Briefing to the Incoming Minister Thumbnail Image

    Briefing to the Incoming Minister

    Our Briefing urges the new Health Minister Andrew Little to act on Labour’s pre-election promise to ‘work with the (dementia) sector to implement the Dementia Action Plan’.

    Current services are woefully inadequate and underfunded, and if the level of inequity and marginalisation associated with dementia occurred in any other sector of our society, there would be a public and political outcry.

    Our briefing document to the Minister outlines four action areas government must address. They are:

    • Reducing the incidence of dementia
    • Supporting people to live their best possible lives
    • Building accepting and understanding communities
    • Strengthening leadership and capability across the dementia sector