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“This is why I want to share my experiences – if my story helps people be a little more compassionate and understanding, then we’re one step closer to creating a dementia friendly New Zealand.”

Dame Kerry Prendergast’s story

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Whether you are living with dementia, caring for someone with dementia mate wareware, volunteering or fundraising, we would love to hear from you.

How will my story be used?

Personal stories may be shared on our blog, social media or on our website. Speaking to the media is another powerful way to engage and inspire others and help make dementia mate wareware a public health priority.

Support and guidance is on hand from the Alzheimers NZ team, and we would never consider using any part of your story without asking you first.

People who’ve shared their story often find it a really positive experience and an opportunity to make a real difference for people with dementia mate wareware.

Get in touch

Please send an email to, giving us as much information as you can and feel comfortable with. You can also call us on 0800 004 001.