Keep your letter very short – about 100 words. Most newspapers have guidelines either in the paper itself or online for writing Letters to the Editor.

Make your most important point in the very first sentence – NZ needs a national dementia response plan.

Use the next two or three paras to say why we need a plan and what the Government needs to do to get a plan in place. e.g. The dementia sector is so concerned about the increasing numbers and services for people living with dementia that it has written an action plan, and, Government needs to implement the plan, to improve life for everyone.

Include some strong facts, which you can find here.

Include a personal touch – what is your experience?

Avoid jargon, acronyms, and get someone else to read it before sending.

Consider writing a longer piece, e.g. a blog or opinion piece (around 800 words – find some tips here)