Advisory group

Alzheimers NZ Advisory Group

The Alzheimers NZ Advisory Group is a group of people who have come together to make a real difference for all people affected by dementia. This work includes:

  • Letting Alzheimers NZ know the issues that are important to all people affected by dementia so these can be advocated to Government
  • Giving Alzheimers NZ real life stories and experiences of what it is like be affected by dementia
  • Providing advice to Alzheimers NZ on the support and care that is needed by people affected by dementia
  • Raising awareness of the Advisory Group and encouraging others to join and share their stories.

The Group includes people with a diagnosis of dementia and family/whānau who provide support. Being a member of the group doesn’t take large amounts of time and it feels great to know you are making a contribution by sharing your thoughts and opinions that can help thousands of New Zealanders.

If you are keen to become involved in the Advisory Group or would like to find out more, please call us 04 387 8264.

Mate Wareware Advisory Rōpū
The Mate Wareware Advisory Rōpū provides insight into the experience, needs and expectations of whānau living with mate wareware (dementia). This includes but is not limited to:

  • Elevating the need for on-going, improved quality care for all whānau living with mate wareware.
  • Developing/providing advice on a Mate Wareware Action Plan to sit within the NZ Dementia Action Plan.
  • Identifying issues and opportunities for the three dementia NGOs to advocate with Government.
  • Providing examples and personal stories.
  • Providing advice to dementia NGOs on support and care, from a Te Ao Māori perspective, that best addresses the needs of whānau living with mate wareware.

The Kaiwhakarite/Chairperson is Dr Makarena Dudley. The Mate Wareware Advisory Rōpū provides advice to Alzheimers NZ, Dementia NZ and the NZ Dementia Foundation.