We support local Alzheimers NZ organisations throughout New Zealand, each of which is a member of Alzheimers NZ.

Our local Alzheimers organisations provide support, education, information and related services directly to members of their communities who are affected by dementia.

These services may include:

  • Information and education to assist with understanding and living with a dementia diagnosis
  • Support for family, friends and whanāu coping with the demands of caring
  • Support groups and day programmes for people affected by dementia.

To get in touch with your local Alzheimers organisation, phone 0800 004 001, or visit our contact us page.

  • 2021 Annual Report Thumbnail Image

    2021 Annual Report

    It was another busy year, challenging in lots of ways and productive in others. As Covid-19 continues to change the way we live, we remain proud of our team and their commitment that delivered some remarkable achievements in another disrupted year.

We believe every New Zealander has the right to feel loved and supported – including the 70,000 people living with dementia and their family and whānau.

No one who receives a diagnosis of dementia should feel like they have been told to go home and “pack up their life”, as if they have no future. Sadly though, this is the experience faced by many.

It’s time New Zealand did a better job of supporting people living with dementia to lead their best possible lives. So we are fighting to make sure people can get the services they need, provided with care, compassion, consideration and kindness.

With the right support, it is possible to live well with dementia. This has been our focus for three decades. And it will continue to be our focus until our work is done.

As the national voice for people living with dementia, we’ve got one job. To do everything we can to support people with dementia, rolling up our sleeves and laying the bricks to build a dementia-friendly New Zealand.

We’ll know our work is done when every one of us receiving a diagnosis of dementia comes away feeling confident in ourselves, knowing we have the love and support we need and feeling that: “I certainly know what road I’m travelling down. I’m not at the end of it yet.”

Until then, our road continues to be a long one.

Our vision:

Towards a world without dementia
Kia mate wareware kore te ao

Our mission:

A dementia friendly New Zealand
Aotearoa, he aro nui ki te hunga mate wareware

People with dementia, their carers, family/whanau and friends are the primary focus of Alzheimers New Zealand. We will promote and act with:

Working to the highest standards of quality, expertise, and professionalism in a fair and open manner to attain the optimum levels of performance and outcome.

Understanding and acknowledging the right of people affected by dementia to be treated with dignity, to have their needs listened to and understood, to have access to appropriate care, and to have their differences acknowledged.

Recognising the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi of Partnership, Participation and Protection and is committed to meeting the diverse cultural needs of people with dementia and their family and carers.

Valuing the experience, skills and time contribution of people affected by dementia and their carers, volunteers and staff who form the basis of the strength of our organisation.

Optimising our reputation and credibility as the leading organisation working for all people affected by dementia and continuing to advocate to bring about positive changes for all people affected by dementia.

Integration and Collaboration:
Working within the organisation and with clients, stakeholders and the wider community through collaboration, innovation, advocacy, continuous learning and sharing of information to ensure a standard of excellence which is in the best interests of all those affected by dementia.

Our strategy over the next ten years is to implement Dementia: A Strategic Framework and work towards a world without dementia by focusing our efforts on and be champions for achieving a Dementia Friendly NZ

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