Get in touch with your local station here or contact Talkback stations Newstalk
 and Magic Talk.

Tips and advice:

  • If you text, keep the message very simple and short and polite. 
  • Consider writing down a couple of points you wish to bring up during your phone call (e.g.  Aotearoa New Zealand faces a major dementia mate wareware challenge. The Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan is in place and endorsed by Cabinet but not yet implemented. Government needs to step up and implement the Plan now). This will help you stay focused on your message. 
  • Use strong facts about dementia to support your argument – find them
  • Unfortunately, the show may not always be able to take your call. If this is the case, consider trying again another day.
  • Try to call when the presenter is taking calls about a topic related to dementia mate wareware, such as health, ageing, retirement villages/living, aged care, respite care etc.
  • Radio programmes regularly interview politicians, so you may have the opportunity to discuss dementia mate wareware with a candidate live on-air.