To make the most of meetings:

  • Seek out forums, organise them yourself or join in with others.
  • Attend community events and be prepared to ask the political speakers what they and/or their Party are doing about the massive dementia challenge facing NZ.
  • Look out for online discussions or virtual events – these are another great opportunity for you to ask questions.

You could possibly ask questions like:

  • What are you doing to deal with dementia?
  • Aotearoa urgently needs a plan to tackle the rising numbers of people living with dementia and the economic impact involved. How can you help us get one implemented?
  • Too many people are struggling with dementia. The dementia sector is so concerned it has written a plan. How will you help implement the plan?

If the response is positive, thank the politician for their support.

If there is disagreement, or the MP doesn’t seem to know/care about the dementia problem, let us know and we’ll do our best to contact them.

Get in touch by email on or call us on 04 387 8264.