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Share Your Story

If you have been affected by dementia, and would like to share your story, we would love to hear from you.

Please send an email to
comms@alzheimers.org.nz, giving us as much information as you can and feel comfortable with.

You can also call us on
04 387 8264

Dementia Learning Centre’s story Cover Image

Dementia Learning Centre’s story

30,000 people living with dementia mate wareware in Aotearoa New Zealand are missing out on the help and support they need.

Elayne’s story Cover Image

Elayne’s story

As a registered Social Worker, Elayne reflects that for many people who she makes contact with, it is often the first time in their lives that they have really needed to ask for help, and this can be quite confronting for some people.

Lived Experience Advisory Group’s story Cover Image

Lived Experience Advisory Group’s story

Listening and learning from people who are in the midst of experiencing living with dementia mate wareware is a core part of the way we work at Alzheimers NZ.

Steve’s story Cover Image

Steve’s story

Steve was diagnosed with early onset dementia two years ago and he explained why he chose to participate as a co-designer for the online learning module.

Amanda’s story Cover Image

Amanda’s story

At 58, the last thing Ian was expecting was a diagnosis of Alzheimers.

Windows on dementia Cover Image

Windows on dementia

There are thousands of people across Aotearoa New Zealand who spend their working life in the field of dementia mate wareware.

Alicia’s story Cover Image

Alicia’s story

It’s incredibly special to name a child after a beloved whānau member, and little Poppy will grow up hearing stories about big Poppy’s running exploits, perfectionism in his building projects, and his deep love for his whānau.

Alister’s story Cover Image

Alister’s story

The My Life's Journey app is a culmination of years of thought, months of development, and was originally conceived as a tool for carers to provoke conversations with people living with dementia mate wareware.