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Mark’s story Cover Image

Mark’s story

While cycling the length of NZ, Mark had only one thing on his mind - his parents Harold and Edith.

Katrina’s story Cover Image

Katrina’s story

Katrina cares for her Dad, a role she says is difficult and challenging at times. She wanted to “channel that ‘negative’ energy into something positive” and give something back to her Dad, “her rock”, a person who had always given so much of his time for others.

Andrew and Barbara’s story Cover Image

Andrew and Barbara’s story

When Andrew was 60, Barbara first noticed signs that things were not quite right. Nothing could have prepared them for the direction life has taken, however Barbara does have some advice for people dealing with a new diagnosis of dementia.

Aaron’s story Cover Image

Aaron’s story

Losing his grandparents so close together was really tough on Aaron and his family. So when Aaron heard about Move for Dementia, he knew he wanted to get moving. “I wanted to jump at the opportunity, do my part and try to help out.”

Robyn and Lynette’s story Cover Image

Robyn and Lynette’s story

Alzheimers Taranaki Club Coordinators Lynette and Robyn are inspired by their clients and they know that the clubs are of huge benefit to them and their families. They simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Asra’s story Cover Image

Asra’s story

Asra and her grandad Jim continue to stay connected through a shared love of country music.

Pip’s story Cover Image

Pip’s story

Author Pip Desmond received hundreds of messages after publishing her memoir 'Song for Rosaleen'. She reflects on the power and impact of sharing our experiences of the dementia journey.

Charlotte’s story Cover Image

Charlotte’s story

Ever since Charlotte could remember, her Great Nana always had struggles with memory and forgetfulness. It wasn't until she was older that she understood why.

Fergus’ story Cover Image

Fergus’ story

Fergus and Peter haven't let a diagnosis of dementia stop them from rafting the Waiau Toa/Clarence River, seeing Peter's favourite band live, or keeping connected with life on the farm.