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Sector welcomes first of its kind prevalence study for diverse communities Post Cover Image

Alzheimers NZ welcomes the  exciting news of  a first ever prevalence study in Aotearoa New Zealand to accurately measure how many people have dementia mate wareware .

Researchers will door-knock targeted communities in Auckland and Christchurch to talk to people with dementia mate wareware and their whānau across four ethnic groups – Pākēha, Chinese, Indian and Fijian Indian.

The Impact of Dementia mate wareware and Equity in Aotearoa (IDEA) study will be led by the University of Auckland’s Professor Ngaire Kerse. Associate Professor Sarah Cullum, Professor Rita Krishnamurthi and Associate Professor Gary Cheung will also lead parts of the study – congratulations to everyone involved!

Alzheimers NZ has commissioned the Dementia Economic Impact Report (DEIR) almost every four years since 2008, which has been the best estimate of dementia mate wareware prevelance in the country.

“The DEIR has always been an estimate based on international research, and while it’s filled the gap, we’re very much looking forward to the results of this prevalence study that will be based on the unique population of Aotearoa New Zealand,” says Chief Exectuive Catherine Hall.

“The more data we have, the more accurate the picture we can paint for Government about the current dementia mate wareware crisis. This supports our call to fully fund and implement the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan to stem the worst impacts of this escalating situation.”

Read more on the University of Auckland website or check out this Radio NZ interview.