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Let’s chat about… is our podcast series which gives experts working in dementia mate wareware across Aotearoa New Zealand an opportunity to chat about a topic and share some of the evidence available.

We’re joined by Summerset’s Programme Lead – Therapeutic Recreation Orquidea Tamoyo Mortera in this episode, to chat about how engaging people in recreation and doing activities, can create a sense of belonging in a place like residential care that often does not always feel like home.

About Orquidea

Orquidea is a registered diversional and recreational therapist. She is the current president for the New Zealand Society of Diversional and Recreational Therapists, a national consultant in the use of models of care with a strong focus in therapeutic recreation, human rights and non-pharmacological approaches in aged care, mental health and the disability sectors, and currently works as the Head of Therapeutic Recreation Services for Summerset Retirement Villages.

Her passion is using recreation as a prevention and rehabilitation tool, as well as supporting individual’s self-determination through meaningful programmes which facilitate purpose and a sense of belonging. Her special interests include interprofessional education, innovation in therapeutic recreation, recreation as a human right, global leadership in recreational therapy.