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Move For Dementia with Jump Rope & Step Count Challenge Post Cover Image
Residents and staff at Highfield Resthome gathered together posing for a photograph wearing alzheimers purple memory walk shirts


Thank you to all those who got involved in our annual appeal for World Alzheimers Month in September.
We had an amazing time connecting with others and learning new things.
It was a successful campaign raising $2980.00 with 70 active participants. The event reached 4,000 people had 135 event responses and 235 live video event responses.
We are overwhelmed with joy for all the support from the community and a special thanks to :
Rebecca Taylor for giving up your time and help. Thank you sparkles for sharing your positive energy.
Sport Canterbury for supporting us and getting involved
Timaru Front runner for your loyal sponsorship 2 years in a row
My Physio for your loyal sponsorship 2 years in a row
Bidfood Timaru for your sponsorship
Caroline Bay Aoraki Trust Centre for your loyal sponsorship 2 years in a row with some fantastic prizes.
Corbin Hale received Best Dressed Award
Abbie from Sport Canterbury won the most funds raised award
Mark Manit from The Croft was awarded with the greatest achievement prize for cycling 232.6kms in 17 days.
From the Team at Alzheimers Thank you we all appreciate you
and look forward to next years appeal and hope you join us again moving for Dementia.
2 women in purple shirts stand posing next to a noticeboard decorated with purple decorations and posters
one women wearing a purple wig and a purple shirt holds an elderly women's hand leading her.
Young boy dressed up in Purple top hat, sparkly bow tie, large round purple glasses and purple gloves.
Residents and staff  from the croft rest home grouped together wearing purple
3 staff members from the Croft rest home dressed up in purple costumes pose for a photo
6 young students aged around 5-7 from a primary school gather together for a photo all dressed up in purple costumes
6 photographs of one lady skipping with her jump rope