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Statement on the Health and Disability System review Post Cover Image

We are excited to see more of a focus on community and home care services and a recognition that more needs to be done for people with disabilities, including older people and people with dementia.

But the need is urgent and action is required now.

We can’t afford to wait for the recommendations of this report to be implemented. We need a dementia action plan now.

Dementia will affect four out of five New Zealanders at some point – nearly every family and whānau. The number of New Zealanders actually diagnosed with dementia is expected to triple in coming years.

The current health and support services for people affected by dementia are woefully inadequate and massively underfunded for the rapidly growing number of New Zealanders who are developing the condition.

So, while we do welcome this review, we also urge government to move very quickly in the disability space, particularly in terms of support services for those affected by dementia.