Work with another volunteer

Wear Alzheimers Uniform Provided and comfortable walking sneakers

Carry Alzheimers Donation Buckets

Stand at a site located to you

Be friendly, approachable and greet people

Collect Donations and thank people

Follow volunteer managers instructions


Hours Required:             

2hour shifts

What to do: Please meet with manager at Alzheimers Tent 15 minutes prior to your shift for a quick Health & Safety briefing.

If you are unable to attend, please contact the manager as soon as possible.

Please ensure you have suitable transport to and from the event, if you do not have transport, please inform the manager.

Your safety is very important to us please stay with your co volunteer throughout your shift and have your mobile phone with you.

At the end of your shift please meet back at the tent to swap over or hand over buckets.

If your donation buckets become to full, please make your way back to the tent to empty your collections.