Our policy documents are put together in collaboration with our Lived Experience Advisory Group of people, family and their whānau living with dementia mate wareware and local Alzheimers organisations. They are framed by a set of guiding principles that articulate our values and mission.

We also work closely with different organisations and are members of many different groups.

  • Briefing to the Incoming Minister Thumbnail Image

    Briefing to the Incoming Minister

    November 2023

    In our joint Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Health, Hon Dr Shane Reti with Dementia NZ, we have urged Government to reduce the dementia mate wareware challenge through three recommendations.

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    Election briefing


    In our Election briefing 2023, we have urged Government to do these two things urgently actions to stem the worst impacts of the looming health crisis:

    1. Implement and fund the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan to reduce the rapidly growing incidence of dementia mate wareware among New Zealanders and provide better support for those diagnosed with the condition.
    2. Provide $9 million per year to stabilise community dementia mate wareware support services. Many of these services are on the brink of financial collapse.
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    Making the Case

    The Making the Case highlights the importance of an integrated continuum of care for older people including people living with dementia mate wareware.  This document was developed in collaboration with NZ Council of Christian Social Services to urge Government to take a holistic view of the aged care sector. The Making the case has two inserts containing information to support the case.